Sealed Deal Part 2

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Sealed Deal Part 2

"What the hell IS this???" Henry asked.

"Hi, there, Henry." Kendra stuttered as he continued towards she and Raj. When he was right in front of her, he moved her hands from covering her breasts and eyed her naked body up and down. She could see the bulge in his pants as he said, "I could fire you for this you know."

"Oh but Henry, we were just having a little fun," Kendra said, her eyes wide and innocent. Her hand went town to his crotch and she rubbed her body against him. "Raj was just sharing some of his cock with me. Do you want to share some of yours with me, Henry? It feels like you do."

"Mmmmm..." Henry sighed, "I - I ...," Henry stutterd as he heard the sound of his zipper coming down and felt his pants around his ankles. His cock was already good and hard as Kendra dropped to her knees and began licking it and jerking it in her hands. Raj came behind her and layed his head under her pussy and began to eat her out. He slipped a finger in her /asshole/">asshole and Kendra moaned as she slapped Henrys cock against her cheek. She took him into her mouth slowly, her tongue swirling around his cock as she moaned. He wasnt as big as Raj but he was big enough. She loved his cock in her mouth and just the fact that he was her fifty year old boss was making her oh so horny. She rubbed her pussy against Rajs face and felt a burning sensation go through her entire body as she began to suck Henrys cock even harder. She could feel him getting harder and he yelled, "Im going to cum, Im going to cum!!!" Kendra sucked even harder and she could feel Rajs excitement beneath her as Henry shot his load deep into her throat spurt after spurt. Kendra licked all the cum off of his cock and smiled up at him. 

Kendra got up and laid Henry on his back, and mounted his face. She pulled Raj toward her and whispered seductively, "Fuck my mouth Raj, I want to taste your juice in my throat". With that, Raj pushed his cock into her mouth and started pumping her mouth. He was deep in her throat and she made some gagging sounds but he kept pumping faster and harder. Henry was eating her pussy with skill and she ground her hips against his face, her thighs squeezing his head tight against her pussy. She was so wet, and she was so turned on by having two cocks to herself for the afternoon. 

"Mmmmmm," Kendra moaned, Rajs huge rod invading her mouth. "Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmm" Kendra moaned and her breath became very short as she could feel herself climaxing. She squeezed Rajs ass and his balls and she felt him cum. As soon as she felt his jizz running down her throat she came and began jerking Henrys cock with her hands. Raj pulled out of her mouth and she moved to straddle Henrys cock, her tits dangling in his face. "Holy mother fucker," Henry reached up and grabbed her tits and began sucking and biting them as Kendra positioned her cunt over his cock and lowered herself onto his entire length. "Mmmmmmmm so gooood..." Kendra moaned. Raj was kissing her and fingering her asshole. She was bouncing on Henrys cock and her tits were flying in the air. Raj and Henry both sucked her tits and her pussy was dripping beneath her. She hadnt had any cock in so long and now,she was in her own private heaven.

Kendra leaned forward as Raj knelt behind her and slapped her ass, his finger still in her /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. He sexxxx video ful hd felt his cock at the head of her ass, as she remained still, her pussy around Henrys pole. Her tits were rubbing against Harrys chest and she felt Rajs cock push into her already stretched asshole. "Ohhhhhhhhhh my fucking goddddd. Yes baby." She could feel Rajs rhythm and she and Henry began moving in harmony with him. Both their cocks were about to send her to oblivion. "Oh my God fuck me you bastards. Fuck my pussy and my ass. . . fuck me like a cheap slut" Kendra was listless, she yelled and screamed, "FUCK FUCK YEah baby.... screw my holes. Dont stop.. Unggggh YEAH... Yeah yeah faster faster......... OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" She yelled as she came. The sound of her cuming, Raj and Henry shot their loads up into her /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass. 

They all collapsed onto each other, the guys massaging her tits and body, kissing her with their cocks still inside her. 

Kendra looked up to see a woman and her husband standing in the doorway xxx sex video download free com of the room. They were obviously turned on. They were Rajs jparents.

Kendra cleared her throat and said, "Hi there, Im Kendra, welcome to Water Ridge Estates. How can I help you?"

The woman walked toward her and kissed Kendra. She said, "Sweetheart, you have given my husband an excellent idea. We just selected a bride for Rajs arranged marriage, and we were going to buy a house as a wedding gift to /surprise/">surprise him. I think we will buy him this house and we will call it the fuck house. You must move in and be his /mistress/">mistress and arrange other mistresses to become a part of his harem."

Raj pulled his cock out of Kendras ass, and she turned to him, still straddling Henrys cock, she kissed Raj and told him she would gladly be wahtever she wanted him to be. She could feel Henrys cock hardeining again inside of her and she began to move in slow gentle cirlces around his cock while kissing Raj with reckless passion. She moaned against his lips as his tongue moved and danced inside her mouth. Henry began pounding against Kendras pussy and Rajs parents found a place on the bed and without undressing, Rajs father shoved his cock into his wifes pussy. The house really was a fuck house. Kendra needed Rajs cock inside her. She wanted to feel him pushing against her womb. She suddenly wanted to be the mother of his children as she watched his parents fuck on the bed. 

He might be marrying another woman, but she would be mother of his first born. She dismounted Henry and took Raj by the hand, laying down on the end of the bed, she begged Raj, "Fuck my pussy , and shoot your load deep inside my pussy baby, I want to have your baby"

Raj, kissed Kendra and his cock pushed deep inside her and she could feel the tip of his rod enter her womb. He was so big. "OH GOD RAJ, YESSSSSSSSSS oh baby fuck me just like that. Oh yes.....oh yeah I can feel you in me, youre about to cum, lets cum together." She looked over to see Henry sucking on Rajs mothers tits while his father continued fucking his wife. That was all she needed to squeeze her pussy around Rajs cock and yell as they came in unison. She felt his jizz squirt into her womb as he leaned foward and kissed her,amongst the sound of everyone else fucking in the room.

Read the next chapter to find out how Rajs marriage works out, and how Kendra as mistress recruits others to be part of his harem in the Fuck House.