My Lesbian Friends

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My Lesbian Friends

Mandy and I had been the best of friends since we were in nursery school and we had been through just about every sort of experience imaginable together, the beginning and breakdown of relationships with boys from the sixth through to senior high school and the physical changes that had somehow happened at the same time for both of us. Now, both nineteen years old it was time for us to try something else; something that we knew our strict Catholic parents would not approve of if they found out: it was time for Mandy and I to become lovers. I guess now is the time to tell a little about ourselves: I?m 5?11 with waist length sunshine /blonde/">blonde hair and piercing icicle blue eyes while Mandy is 5?9 with shoulder length mahogany hair and just the deepest hazel eyes. We have always had a Friday night routine where we had sleepovers at each other?s homes that always happen in the den and just lately we have started watching a lot of /adult/adult-movies/">adult movies and there was this one time when we finally gave in to our deep rooted desires and I wanted to tell y?all about what went on.

It started out as being another typical Friday night for two teenage girls who prefer to watch movies than going out and getting totally drunk. It was a particularly cold evening this one time so we had brought our sleeping bags that have the capabilities of being connected down to the den and did just that. We were lying in the oversized sleeping bag watching our favourite Reese Witherspoon films Legally Blonde 1 and Just Like Heaven when I noticed a hand on my right leg and because Mandy was the only other person in the room I knew it had to be her. 

?Mandy, what are you doing?? I asked her, slightly confused about what was happening.

She just smiled and faced me, propping herself up on her arm, ?You?ve wanted this as long as I have?.

Before I could protest, she had her mouth clamped on top of mine and because she is slightly heavier in build than what I am it was easy for her to overpower me and pin me to the air mattress /mom/">mom bought. The next thing I remembered Mandy slid her hand under by older than time pale lime green Mickey Mouse shirt, grabbing one of my breasts in her hand and giving it the most gentle squeeze. Suddenly, she pulled away and looked me right in the eyes, 

?Let me fuck you Billie,? she said in a near breathless tone.

?With what?? I asked as innocently as I could muster,

?My fingers of course. I want to finger fuck you?.

Did I mention that she is also stronger in personality as well? We?re both Aries but some people say I should have been born under a softer sign like Pisces or Virgo so it would have been useless to even try arguing because the next thing I remember was her mouth on my neck, leaving soft gentle butterfly kisses as she worked her way toward my right arm and then worked her way across to the other, causing me to shudder slightly.

?You liked that didn?t you,? she asked, a cheeky grin on her beautiful face,

?Yes,? I moaned back as she worked my breasts with both her hands before taking a nipple in her mouth and tenderly sucked around the areola,

?Take it Mandy; suck on my breast,? I pleaded with her, not expecting a rough slap on the left leg.

?We?ll do this my way,? she said before moving away completely, returning after what seemed like an eternity with a pair of handcuffs with beautiful pink feathers between the ends. In spite of myself I had to laugh a little, only to be slapped again but on the right cheek. ?Quiet; slave,? she demanded, keeping her voice down as she handcuffed me by the wrists to the pole just near our heads, ?There; you are helpless to stop my advancements?.

All I could do was lie there and take it, just as she had planned. Then I heard the zipping sound of the sleeping bags and she had me completely uncovered (we sleep naked) with the heater covering the room with a nice, warm air so I didn?t feel all that cold. Suddenly, I felt softer, butterfly kisses moving up my left leg, stopping at the crevice between my long supermodel-style legs and my soft, freshly shaved pale pink pussy. 

?Mandy,? I moaned, and she just smiled, knowing she was getting the reaction she wanted as she kissed her way up my right leg, stopping in exactly the same place as she had done just a matter of seconds ago. By now, I felt my pussy dripping wet in desire and I wanted her to touch me, to fuck me.

?Okay Billie; I know this is what you wanted and because you were such a good little girl in letting me suck your tits and kiss my way up your legs; I won?t make you wait much longer,? she said as she delved her tongue into my navel, ?Oooh; an innie hey,? she said, quickly coming up for white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie air before diving back in, her tongue swirling around my navel and driving me wild in the process and she knew it.

?Mandy please fuck me with your golden tongue,? I said, surprising myself at the description I had just given her but it was too clear she thrived on compliments of that nature.

?Okay,? she said as she wiggled her way down so that she was looking straight into my by now well and truly engorged pink hole.

?Jesus,? I cried as she slid her tongue inside and played with my clit with her left hand, squeezing it and pinching it at the most regular of patterns. Suddenly, she pulled away and before I understood what was going on, her mouth clamped down on my clit, sucking it and lashing it with her tongue.

?Bite it,? I said and this one time she obeyed.

?Let me bite your pussy too Billie,? she said, looking me in the eyes as I nodded.

In next to no time she was back down in my nether regions sucking and biting my pussy in the same regular patterns that she had used with her hand. ?You like this don?t you; you little slut,? she said as I nodded and moaned as she stuck not one, not two but three fingers inside me.

?Oh fuck Mandy,? I yelped as she began working up a rhythm that she knew would bring me to the edge. ?God I?m gonna come soon,? I panted as she continued sucking my clit with her mouth and /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking me as she said she wanted to do not an hour ago. Maybe it had been an hour ago; I was so filled with desires that I had completely lost track of time.

?Mand,? I said as she got up on one hand.

?What,? she said in an aggravated tone,

?Let me kiss you while I come,? I said.

?Okay,? she replied and worked her way back up with gentle kisses all over my body; working particularly with my right breast before moving on to my neck and then clamping her mouth down onto mine to muffle the moans that now threatened to reach the volume that the whole house would hear it.

Pretty soon she felt me trembling under her, satisfied that she had been doing such a great job she continued with four of her fingers inside my by now more than swollen cunt, 

?Come on Billie; come for me like a good little girl,? she said, smiling down at me.

Sure enough, I exploded and her hand was soon covered in my pussy juices. She lifted her hand to her mouth and sucked on her fingers, her eyes shining with the thrill of victory. Just as she began undoing my other hand from the handcuffs, I pounced and flipped Mandy onto her back.

?What the fuck,? she cried, shocked at the movements.

?Okay you little /bitch/">bitch,? I hissed, ?My turn?.

Only this time I had something else in mind; I had brought my old green bandanna down with me in case things got a little bit on the frisky side. I tied it around her mouth so that she couldn?t speak, handcuffed her wrists and her ankles to the other pole that sat just a few inches away from her.

?Mmm?, she groaned as if she was trying to protest.

?Quiet,? I said as I slapped her with the whip I had bought from the time I spent as a lesbian dominatrix in France the previous summer, gladdening to see the horror in her eyes. ?That?s stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv right. While I was in France I became a lesbo dominatrix for a few nights and got paid a bundle for it so unlike you my little friend I know what to do; how to do it and when to do it,? I laughed.

Ignoring her mouth, I moved straight to her breasts, sucking one and biting the other making sure not to draw blood, making her yelp beneath the restraints of the bandanna, fondling her by now soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy with my free hand as the other hand worked on her left nipple while I continued to suck on her right breast like a little newborn baby.

Breaking free of that, I worked my way down to her navel, which like mine was also ?an innie? and began swirling my far more experienced-in-lesbianism tongue around the inside, making her squirm in the process.

Having had enough of that, I kept working my way down, ignoring the spot where I knew she wanted me to go and working on leaving kisses down her left leg, sucking her big and little toes on both /feet/">feet. Then I slowly worked my way up her right leg, so intent on prolonging her agony as long as possible.

By now I had reached the crevice between her pussy and her legs, leaving gentle, wet kisses in those spots on both legs.

?Mmmm,? she moaned again, becoming increasingly frustrated.

?Yes I know you want it but you were too willing to give it to me so I?m going to make you see what it?s like to wait,? I hissed as I slapped her leg and after a few more minutes kissing her inner thighs, my nose nudged her pussy lips, making her jerk with anticipation of my next movements.

Next, I moved up to her clit and sucked it as hard as I could and left a gentle bite, making her jump again.

?You did it to me,? I growled as I continued sucking her clit and sliding one finger inside her hole, making her moan under the bandanna.

Finally I moved my mouth downward towards her cunt, where by then I had successfully slid not one but three fingers into her hole and once again making her jump.

?You like that don?t you,? I said, repeating one of her previous statements. 

She nodded, gasping for air.

Starting off gently, I soon picked up the pace and I was soon sucking her pussy like a vacuum cleaner would suck up the dirt off the carpets and off the furniture and before long, her body shaking with anticipation. I lifted myself away and she groaned in protest but stopped once she saw what I had done with the time I spent away; fixing a strap-on cock to my slender body. 

?I intend to really fuck you with this,? I growled as I positioned myself in front of her.

Kneeling in front of her, bending her knees outwards, I moved closer toward her until the head of the plastic cock was just at the entrance to her hole. I moved in slightly but then pulled out again, she groaned in frustration. I moved it a little closer into her and then pulled away again, keeping up this pattern until I had the whole thing inside her aching, moist little pink cunt.

?I am going to give you the fuck of your life,? I told her in a hushed voice, having heard footsteps outside the den door. Again I started slowly and then rammed it into her with such force she yelped, 

?Quiet bitch,? I whispered in a tone that surprised me. I continued ramming it into her hot little pink pussy until she came all over it. Moving further up her, I stuck it in her naval and twirled it around a couple of times before moving further up. Gently removing the bandanna from her mouth, I stuck it in before she could have a single chance to say a word. I didn?t want her to choke so I didn?t try deep-throating her and finally I just decided to take it off while still finger fucking her with my other hand as Mandy came all over my hand. It wasn?t long before we had the bags zipped back together and gently finger fucked each other for the rest of the night.