He Told Her the Shore House

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He Told Her the Shore House

He told her, "Hold on, I have something up my sleeve. Stay here and keep playing with yourself; xnxxv sunny leone video I'll be right back."

She couldn't imagine what he had in store, but she went with it for a change and continued to stroke and squeeze her nipples as he darted out of the bedroom. She heard the water running in the bathroom, and imagined him coming back and sliding his thick shaft into her tight slit. It had been so long since she had him, and so infrequent at that.
Their relationship had been in a rocky stage for weeks. More like months, she thought for a second. She had decided to call it quits, for the fourth and final time last Thursday. Well, now it was Wednesday, and they were together, making love in the afternoon at her aunt's shore house.

She refocused her thoughts on him: his brown eyes, clear and bright and drinking her body in. She shuddered, switching hands from left breast to right. Squeezing her nipples tightly, her body trembled slightly again as she imagined him positioned over her, watching her toy with herself. She loved him on top, and that was how he left her, after coming without warning, quietly, gently and with slight embarrassment. "Sorry," he whispered as his orgasm overcame his resistance; she loved when he held out, suspended on the edge of explosion for as long as possible until she was ready to climb on top and bring herself to the same apex of pleasure. Another tremor wracked her body; she wished he would come back and pick up where he left off.

He was not able to get hard again immediately after, even though she was blowing him and playing with herself. He still would not stay hard, so she switched to stroking his balls, licking and sucking them just how he liked. For some reason though, it real forced anal against her will was not keeping the blood where it needed to be; that's when he left, telling her not to move.

Suddenly, he burst into the room, pulling her out of her thoughts, and came straight to her on the bed, purposeful and with a visible lust in his eyes. He grasped her by the back of the head, and pulled her up to his already semi-erect penis, shoving it deep into her throat. She felt the blood gathering, and his member becoming more powerful and enticing. Now he stopped her, lay on his back, and told her to get on her knees, with her legs spread open over on one of his warm, solid thighs. He began to masturbate himself with one hand and play with her sensitive clit with the other. The directness of his motions was having an intoxicating effect on her, and she moaned deep and loud as he whispered things in her ear, promising to make her come hard and strong. He was not normally this vocal, and she loved his husky, sexy singer's voice she found her mind wandering into nastier and nastier realms.
"You"re making me so fucking horny, I need to come on that dick," she said in a raspy voice, hoarse from her groans of excitement.
"Good baby, ride me. Come hard for me like I promised you would."

She obeyed, and in a second was on top, and sliding down his rock-hard, throbbing penis.

When she was on top, she was in charge. He grasped her by the hips with his perfect hands, the way she usually liked it, but she yanked them up to her nipples, while she used one hand to support her weight on his thigh and the other hand to work her clit. She rocked back and forth, keeping time with the motions at her breasts and clit.

Moments later, she felt the first waves of her orgasm starting deep in her core. Her moans deepened, and his followed in lovely unison. He whispered dirty things, urging her to let go and drift overboard. His dick throbbed harder as she grinded into his pelvis, slowing down to allow every wave of to slowly wash over her. It was amazing how fast he always made her come. The sex they had been having recently was semi-joyless for her, and even though she came, it was always slightly lacking and without the entire bodily response she was normally capable of producing. This time though, it was a stunning orgasm that rocked her whole body; a feeling that had been missing for far too long.

He groaned his second orgasm, shuddering deeply; she felt his explosion deep inside of her. He jolted, and she grabbed his pelvis in her small hands, making sure not to lose their precious connection.

They lay together after, breathing deeply, sighing gently. After a few minutes, she propped herself up and looked him in the eyes, "So you wanna explain that trick?"
He sat up too, looked at her and answered, "I went to the bathroom, and was just jerking off, as if I was alone thinking about you. I was imagining about all the dirty things I wanted to do you, and then the thought of being able to come right in here and make it happen"all I needed. I thought about coming in and grabbing you like I did, shoving my dick in your mouth; the fact that I could do it right away made it so much hotter."

"Well, clearly it worked." She turned over onto her back and looked up at the peach ceiling. He nestled up next to her, draping his arm across her chest. She couldn't believe they were here together, like this now after all that had happened. Amazingly, their love had survived, and this afternoon was a shining example of that bond. She felt like a new woman, and relieved that things were going to be better from now on. She was convinced that today was something that would definitely be happening more often, for the sake of the relationship of course!