Russian roulette

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Russian roulette

The other couples at the BBQ were all well known to our old friends Sue and Don, and we felt we too knew them well after moving to the town nearly six month ago. So the atmosphere was relaxed and trusting as we swilled our beer in our downstairs rec room . We had moved there in the twilight as the bugs started to bother us. Upstairs was too warm. We were too young and poor to have AC at this point. Besides, it was a good place to hang out for people like us, among the weight benches and barbell racks that were such an important part in our lives.

Carrie, my young bride, was sprawled on one of the benches, and I have to admit she looked very wanton and appealing, so I wasn’t all that surprised when Don remarked how much she looked like the vestal virgin waiting on the altar to give her virtue to the high priest. Carrie sat up quickly, her face coloring, as the rest had a good laugh at her expense.

’I don’t think you could fuck on a narrow bench like that, could you?’ Gord ventured, ’I mean, who needs to roll onto a cement floor just when things are at the best?’
Carrie giggled, ’Vic and I have done it, and its not that hard.’
The group sat silently, absorbing what shy little Carrie had said. It wasn’t her usual way, and I think she shocked a couple girls. But she also set a couple guys thinking, apparently. After an awkward pause, someone suggested we should be playing something , I think to change the mood away from adventuresome thoughts. There was another pause of cogitation waiting for a suggestion of a game.

Finally Gord jumped back in , speaking thoughtfully and slowly as he formulated his thought. ’The idea of Carrie getting fucked on that bench won’t go away. Now, we can’t expect her to demonstrate the possibility just like that, but it does raise the idea of a game of Russian roulette, where no one actually shoots himself. Who here wouldn’t like to see a romp on the bench as long as they are not themselves in the show?’
’You mean like one of those live sex shows you hear about in Copenhagen clubs? Here in Carrie’s rec room? With all us watching?’ Sue giggled, ’Nobody the wwwxxx here would have the nerve to do that.’
’Nobody would have the nerve to do it themselves, but they might have the nerve to watch a friend do it,’ Gord countered, ’We all like a bit wwwxxx of porn, so who can say honestly the idea doesn’t tickle a /boner/">boner?’
’But to be porn, it would have to be with someone else’s husband,’ ventured Sally, ’you can’t be thinking of that, are you? Oh, my god, you are thinking of that! Never mind, its so far out, I know its not going to happen. So what are the rules?’

Having gotten the guarded admission from all that it would be a good show as long as it ’wasn’t me’, Gord continued, ’So, the Russian roulette would have to involve pulling a name of the girl from a hat. By good chance we have six couples exactly, fitting in that that the game was mostly played with a revolver. The girls in letting their names go in the hat can feel secure that the odds of them escaping to watch the show are five out of six. That’s pretty safe, isn’t it?’

I don’t think at that point anyone including Gord thought the game would continue, but it became a game of formulating rules and safeguards against default as virtually everyone put in his and her thoughts. After much bantering debate the rules of engagement came down as follows: The vestal virgin would be selected by simple lottery as originally proposed. The high priest would be a stud of her choice, but not her husband, since a real vestal virgin couldn’t have prior carnal knowledge of her lover, could she.? It was agreed that the husband or boyfriend might help strip and prepare his sweety for the sacrifice. Since selecting a stud for herself might upset the four rejects and might even give cause for jealousy from her husband, the opinion was that the virgin should let the lottery system prevail as well. The winning priest could call on any or all of the remaining girls to prepare him for his labours.

Gord finished the printed rules with a flourish. ’Do you think we could get this thing refined and published? We could make a lot of money, you know. Can you think of anybody who would rather play monopoly than this?’ As he talked he was tearing tickets of paper from the bottom of the document and adding names to them. Even at this point nobody was thinking seriously that the game would really unfold, although a couple might having been wishing.. Carrie had abandoned the bench to sit by me, not wanting to be anywhere near the centre of this action. She wasn’t a prude, and had a lover before me, but messing around was by tacit agreement not on.

Gord finished his chore and put the ballots in an empty chip bowl, then made an elaborate show of mixing the tickets over his head and finally pulling one out. .’And the winning lady is Judy. My congratulations, my dear girl. May you have multitudes of orgasms’
Judy sat transfixed by the suddenness of the event, the implications of what might soon happen if she didn’t act quickly. ’Now just a minute! You made the draw yourself. How do we know you didn’t mark a ballot and rig the draw?’
It was Carrie who came to her rescue and in doing so sprung Gord’s trap on the group. ’Judy’s right, you know. It should be a more controlled election..’

Gord made a show of throwing his hands in the air. ’ Oh, Ok, We’ll do it again’ He put the six tickets face down on the floor. ’Does any girl here know which of these tickets are hers? No folds, all the same size. And to be doubly sure, I think Carrie should pick the winner.’
Carrie looked at the pile, trying for a clue, but could find none. She reached for one and picked it up just as the realization hit her that she had voluntarily entered and participated in the game and the girl she had selected could get no more help from her. She looked blankly at the back of the ticket for a long moment.

’Would the warder place the name to the virgin face up on the altar, please?’ Gord intoned, ’Gather round closely, so that all might see together who will lead this flock from the path of dullness that has pervaded our lives heretofore.’
Carrie looked at me in sudden panic, but she only got a grin and a nod from me. She was still looking at me as she placed the ticket down. In response to the quiet giggling and applause of her friends, she turned and read CARRIE on the paper’The rogue had even put a happy face beside it. Carrie could feel her face burning. Girls embraced her and congratulated her as she stood numbly. She knew quickly she would have done the same for any of them. It was only a moment before she had planned to do just that. She looked around for me again in a panic.

I took her in my arms and added my congratulations. She pulled back shocked that I wasn’t doing anything to rescue her from the trap she had trodden on, but my mind was mostly on the hardon I myself was harbouring, and thinking of Carrie getting fucked wasn’t making it go away. I let Carrie feel it poke into her tummy, ’Its going to be fun, baby. Go with the flow. The show must go on. And it is only a show, more like a game of chicken. Sometime soon someone will run out of nerve. And its not like these guys haven’t seen you naked down on Wreck Beach, not to mention a couple hundred strangers. Don’t let them see your fear’

Carrie let me lift her tee over her head. That was a good move by Gord. None of the girls would have done except with her man’s help. She stood quietly as I pulled the knot loose that held up her clam diggers and let them drop to the floor. She squirmed a little as I eased down her /thong/">thong , but I think she was just embarrassed that I should see that she was already wet. I was in fact very pleased. It meant I wouldn’t have to worry about her having a good time, and that I was right not to have stepped in to help her earlier.
I had her sit on the end of the bench on a white sheet that had been found somewhere and whisked in to consecrate the altar and was just laying her back when a sudden thought brought her upright. We hadn’t chosen a high priest as yet, and she wasn’t going to lay there like a wanton as we sorted that out. I pointed out gently that under the charter she had the right to choose her stud. She thought. Clearly, the worry over playing a favourite among friends had been a valid thought. She in the end gave the choice to me, even insisted that if she was going to be fucked, it would be by my choice.

A smirking Gord handed me the pile of ballots he had marked, but my own mind was working in quirky ways too by now. I arranged them in a row at Carrie’s /feet/">feet, then turned them over. ’So who is the guy?’ Someone wanted to know. ’The guy is all of you, but in this order. Fifty stokes only, then it’s the next man. First one to cum in Carrie gets to fuck Judy just as soon as he is able, as pay back for Carrie rescuing Judy. First man up, or should I say, in, is ,well, would you look at that, is Gord.’
The room for a long moment was silent. I think everyone there thought that soon someone would call enough and the rest would have to quit the game, but now a girl had let herself be stripped for action on the bench and a priest had been nominated. Further, he was the one guy least likely to get cold feet himself. Even little Carrie looked a bit panicky and pulled my head to hers. ’Someone is going to stop it soon, aren’t they? I can’t stop it. I pulled my name. I would look like a prude sissy.?
’I can’t stop it either, sweety. It would make me look like a jealous, protective keeper. Would you stop it if one of the other girls was sitting where you are?’
Carrie shook her head mutely. After a moment she gave a brave little smile. ’Are you okay with whatever happens?’
’Go forward knowing that if Gord actually fucks you, I will be soon be fucking Judy. Are you okay with that?’
’Is Judy?’
’You heard me setting down the conditions and so did Judy. You don’t hear her stopping the show now, do you?’ As I spoke I was easing Carrie down onto her back again, sliding her bum to the very end of the bench. A light reflected off the wetness of her pussy, belying any dread she might have been feigning. Gord could only stand silently and stare at his prize.

’Would someone kindly defrock the priest before my little virgin gets a chill?’ I finally asked. Almost trancelike figures helped strip Gord, but to his credit, when his shorts dropped he had a hard-on that would have done any porn pic proud. Once naked, Gord woke from his trance. He looked for assurance from me. In answer, I knelt by Carrie and gave her a knee to rest her foot on and motioned Judy to do the same for the other side. One of the guys suddenly came alive and snatched a cushion for Gord’s knees. Thus invited, he kneeled between Carrie’s feet and tentatively rubbed his cock on her pouting labia. Her instant moan of delight fully woke him, and with a grin of delight he guided his head between her lips and slid full length into her pussy.
’My god!, ’ a girl gasped, ’They really did it. They really are doing it. I didn’t think they would, but he’s in all the way. Wow!’
’Victor!’ Carrie gasped, ’He didn’t chicken out. He’s fucking me.’’

I didn’t say anything, but my feelings were much the same. Watching from close quarters as a cock slips into your wife is something I would recommend to anyone. Watching her transition from wondering if it might stop to demanding it better not stop, all in four or five strokes, is not to be missed or denied her. Carrie was having an intense orgasm within half a minute, and I heard one of the guys counting off the strokes. Gord was breathing heavily by thirty and I remembered my own rule of fifty strokes. I have never counted the stroke number of a heated fuck, and don’t know how I arrived at fifty. Anyway, Gord was so close when the count hit there that he couldn’t be stopped, and nobody tried to. It was probably closer to double that when he finally convulsed his load into Carrie, who was well into her second orgasm, and not about to let him stop.

I looked across at Judy, still acting as Carrie’s left stirrup, and found her watching me, her tongue nervously wetting her lips. Her eyes held mine as Carrie came again, the, in the quiet that followed we let her feet go to the floor and we met at the big old battered sectional some beloved aunt had handed down to us. There was no coyness now. I had her naked within a half minute, even with a breathless kiss that assured each other that all systems were go. A sundress and panties don’t take much stripping anyway. WE quickly became the new star attraction as Carrie and Gord were abandoned in their a afterglow. I wanted to kiss Judy’s’ pussy, but she was way too horny already to put up with play. She pulled me on top and helped me find her lips that parted and welcomed me in. The feeling of entering a /pussy/new-pussy/">new pussy, especially one you have been wondering about for a number of years, is every bit a good as watching your wife getting a strange cock. The regrets of not doing this sooner are quickly forgotten in the present. I stroked very slowly, not wanting to lose any minute of this first time. I glanced over to the altar, and noticed Gord beginning to give Carrie languid strokes again,

Someone else saw my glance. ’Hey you guys. You’ve had more than fifty. Its my turn to be priest.’ Even as he spoke his clothes were flying. Gord didn’t object , and moved aside as Don slide in to take his place. Carrie’s cunt wasn’t empty for more than ten seconds before a new cock churned up the cum still trapped in there. Don was gentle. He knew Carrie had just been fucked quite roughly, if briefly, and wasn’t about to wreck anything by making Carrie sore. Gord’s still /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock wasn’t wasted either. He came to the sectional and flopped at our heads, a dreamy smile on his face. Almost immediately He found Sally straddling his lap. Sally it was who couldn’t believe ’they were really doing it’. Now she grabbed Gord’s still stiff cock and brought her pussy down to engulf it.
Everyone was fucking within minutes. Another couple were at our feet, she slouched on the sectional and he kneeling between her knees. Gord was really finding his second wind. I didn’t know how the other two couples were arranged, but by and by some one said,’That’s way over fifty for Don, Time to move one space.’

Judy and I hadn’t even had one orgasm together, and this wasn’t in the equation, but already bodies were shifting, so we just smiled wryly at each other and parted. We knew we would find each other again. Judy quickly took the position vacated by Sally. I found Sue abandoned on a futon cushion on the floor, looking incredibly sexy and inviting. I think I was in her before she really knew who it was. The thought of fucking a girl who I had known for many years but never really dreamed of making it with, and suddenly finding her writhing under me, all the course of less than an hour, and finding her so warm and sexy, changed my mood completely. As slowly as I stroked Judy, I pumped into Sue. Someone patted my back at one point, but the juices were running high, and I came along with Sue while other couples were making the switch.

Sue and I took our time drifting down. There was no hurry now. I think the early frenzy to have everybody fuck everybody cooled with a couple cums and subsequent softening of boners. The only real movement was for one girl and then another to drift to the can stop the cum dripping down her legs, then the shower became popular, and gradually some clothing began to be retrieved. The mood was decidedly mixed. Some, not all girls, showed some shame in what had happened. More were laid back and mellow. Sally was still nude, and seemed ready to take on another comer. But there was none, and soon the crowd packed up and went home.
’Do you think we’ll have any friends left?’ Carrie murmured over her shoulder as she waved at the last car in our driveway. ’I think a few people are feeling a bit wicked. Are you?’
I had to admit that I wasn’t . I had watched Carrie gather in three loads of cum, more than her share to be sure, but earned in that she had the grit to start the whole thing. As I cradled her lower tummy in my hands I could feel my cock stirring again in the memory. She felt it too and told me I could have a rain check. She was closed for the day.

Don and Sally called by just after noon the next day. Both stumbled over each other to say how sorry they were about all that had happened and for them letting it happen. Could we forget it and still call them friends? As they talked, Carrie and I traded amused glances, and came to a mutual agreement.

’But Don’, I interrupted, ’You never actually came in Carrie. And I never got close to Sally, much as I wanted to. Between us, I don’t see what we have to be sorry for. We think its only fair to the others that we make ourselves sorry. Don’t you agree?’ As I was talking both Carrie and myself were shedding our clothes, and I was standing in front of Sally with a boner prodding her tummy. Sally looked in panic at Don, but his eyes were on Carrie as she fought with his belt.
Sally’s eyes lit up, ’Oh, we’re so glad we’re not the only sex maniacs. We thought if we could make you trust us again the sex would happen too, but this is the best.’ She gave me a shy glance as she fondled my cock, ’Do you mind?’

I promised I didn’t mind anything, and she dropped to her knees and took my boner into her mouth just as Don backed Carrie onto the back of the couch and took her pussy in his mouth.