The Priest Teaches His FlockCh 67 Communion

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The Priest Teaches His FlockCh 67 Communion

Chapter 6-Getting His Sword Ready for Communion

"You may get up Sally," moving the crosses from between her legs.

Sally allowed her legs to close, grateful that the painful aching in her thighs were finished, but fearful of what would be required of her now. She knew that she would have to make him shoot his demon seed. He had talked about her taking her communion, not understanding what he meant. She laid still, her legs together. She was afraid of what would happen when she pulled her chest off the tacks. Her panties were still pulled below her naked ass cheeks, not wanting to reach behind her, that would pull on the tacks below her. Her humiliation was less suffering than the pain.

Father John moved up towards her head, "let me help you Sally," his hand holding down the board. "Raise up slowly," watching as she slowly rose up onto her arms into a push up position, the board slowly pulling from her chest. He saw the tacks, some red with blood. He pulled the board and moved it out of the way. "Sit on the edge of the desk, feet hanging down Sally."

When he turned around, she had hurriedly pulled up her panties and swung around to the edge of the desk. Her arms were covering her breasts, her legs together. He moved in front of her, putting his hands on her knees, "spread your legs, Sally." 

Sally cringed when she heard that command again. She hated it. It always left her so vulnerable. She did as he said, her legs opening, feeling him move between them, his hips pushing on her thighs, forcing them open wider again, the ache in her thighs return.

"/good/good-girl/">good girl, Sally. Now your hands. You have nothing to hide from the lord. Uncover your breasts. You have already tempted me, blowjob porn videos my sword is hard from seeing your naked body." He waited, staring into her eyes until she relented, her palms slowly lowering to her sides, her naked breasts falling free. There were many tiny little puncture wounds, little red dots covering her breasts. They would not show long, the tacks being very sharp. His hands moved up to her breasts, his palms encircling her globes, lifting them up. "Do they hurt Sally?"

"They sting a little, Father John."

He began to squeeze them, his fingers moving towards her nipples. His cock jumped in his trousers when he saw the bright red spot in the center of her right nipple, the pink nipple unable to hide it. Two fingers moved towards it, grabbing it and began to pinch, watching her face as he continued to apply pressure. "Just like Jesus, puncture wounds to show your suffering." He squeezed tighter, watching as she bit down onto her lip as he smashed the punctured nipple with his finger.

"Please, Father John, it hurts." The pain increased, his fingernail pushing into her nipple, a sharp pain igniting it.

He released it, watching her relief. He wet milf porn videos his two fingers, moving them back to her nipple, watching as they became even harder, the cool air of the room hitting the wet nipple. "You have very sensitive nipples Sally. That will get you into trouble later in life. They will make you become sexually aroused. I will have to work on solving that problem. I will have to desensitize them."

His hands moved down to his trousers, pulling the zipper down. He saw her eyes move away, not wanting to see. "Look down, Sally. See what you have done to my sword." He unbuckled the belt of his trousers and undid the button, pulling them back to the side, her eyes returning to stare at his crotch. His cock was already pushing at his shorts. ’Reach in my shorts and pull out my sword. See what you have done to it.’ He waited, waited for her soft hands to encircle his cock. 

Sally didn’t have a choice. She reached over, her hand pushing into the band of his shorts, pulling them down as she pushed her hand in. His penis instantly slapped into her hand, her small fingers wrapping around it. It immediately began to twitch and jump. She looked up, her face turning red, his eyes watching her expression as she began to pump her hand up and down his sword like she was taught.

’You do well, Sally, such nice soft hands.’ He pushed his shorts down his legs, allowing her more room to play with his cock. His cock jumped around in her hand, excited at the feel of her fingers playing over the head like he had taught her, jumping in anticipation of what she would be required to do. But first, a little more humiliation. ’Squeeze my testicles like I taught you. Feel the seed you placed there.’

Sally was now cupping his heavy testicles, feeling the heat, feeling the balls inside. Her other hand was rubbing his hard sword, tiny drops of seed leaking from its head, mixing onto her hand. It was so big, her hands tiny in comparison.

He moved back from her, her hands slipping from his cock. ’Put your legs together.’

She was surprised, he always seemed to want her legs open and spread. She did not hesitate, closing her legs. Her /surprise/">surprise turned to disappointment and humiliation.

’Lift your butt off the table, I want to slip those lovely little cotton panties off. I don’t think you need them, do you Sally? Ask me to take off your panties, Sally?’

She didn’t have a choice. Using her arms to push her butt up, ’please, Father John, take off my panties.’

’Of course, my dear,’ his hands lightly grabbed her panties at the waist and slowly began to lower them, stripping her naked. He pulled them over her naked ass cheeks, remembering how lovely they were before he had used a ruler on them. He lowered the front, her naked bush showing, slowly lower, her pussy lips beginning to be exposed. He looked up into her face and smiled, seeing how red faced she had become. 

Last time was bad enough when he had fingered her naked sex and butt, but now he was slowly stripping her naked. She would be so exposed. He slid them down her thighs, tugging at them through her tightly clenched legs until finally letting them drop to the floor. She now sat before him, completely naked and vulnerable to him.

He looked into her eyes. She instantly knew, her legs beginning to part open, her eyes beginning to tear. She knew that he wanted her spread. Spread wide. She would be obscenely exposed, her whole sex naked and exposed. 

’Good girl, Sally, you’re learning.’ He stepped between her slowly spreading legs, his hips pushing out on them. ’Real wide, be a good girl,’ he encouraged her. He watched her pussy lips begin to part, her pink, virgin, inner pussy peaking out. ’More, until your thighs ache, Sally. Your hands, put your hands back. Stroke me again.’ Again he felt her soft hands rubbing his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, her other hand gently squeezing his balls.