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British Gurkhas offer to supply drinking water to parched Kaski

Following the flash flood on the Seti River on 5th May, British Gurkhas have offered to supply water from their camp in Pokhara to alleviate the current shortages in Kaski caused by the damaged mains water pipe. The Camp has its own water supply which was unaffected by the flood.

The scheme has been approved by UK, and staff from British Gurkhas Pokhara are in consultation with local authorities, and have offered up to 350,000 litres of drinking water per day free of charge, said a statement issued by the British Embassy in Kathmandu.

The local authorities will be responsible for collection and distribution, which it is hoped will be given to areas of most need. It will also be supplied free of charge to the communities and individuals affected. In addition, the opening times for the public water collection points at the British Camp have been extended.

British Gurkhas have a long-standing connection with Kaski District, and enjoy close and friendly relationships with the local community. This small relief effort is designed to help those in need, not only Ex-Gurkha Servicemen and their families, but also from the wider community. The supply of water from the British Camp will be kept under review during the coming weeks, according to the British Embassy statement.

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