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# Article Title Hits
61 Former Aberdeen lecturer speaks of baptism of fire in Nepal 88
62 BBC feature one man aid mission to Nepal village 113
63 This man brought Internet to 60000 people in rural Nepal 104
64 Alstonville couple change lives, and mouths, in Nepal 93
65 Cambridge's Meg gets ready for Nepal 96
66 Scots charity only one left helping Nepal victims 80
67 Can Mountain Biking Aid in Nepal’s Recovery? 92
68 Turkish Airlines firms up Airbus A321neo order 66
69 Billings family makes fall visit to quake-shattered Nepal 76
70 Etihad Airways named Air Transport World’s Airline of the Year 2016 67
71 Saltus Students Fundraising For Nepal Expedition 81
72 Cromwell teenagers return from back blocks of Nepal 105
73 Plymouth teen to embark on Nepal aid project 108
74 Tansley pensioner’s knitting sent to Nepal needy 100
75 Triathlete scales heights to help women in Nepal 118
76 Scots firefighter leads team back to Nepal to help quake victims 126
77 Doug Scott pledges £25,000 Nepal donation will be put to good use 107
78 Sherpas Are Taking Control of Climbing in Nepal 101
79 In early 2015, earthquakes devasted Nepal but villages are welcoming back trekkers 104
80 Revelstoke residents’ bikepacking slideshow to highlight new issues challenging Nepal 155

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