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Everest avalanche kills at least 12 Sherpa guides

At least 12 local guides have been killed after an avalanche on the slopes of Mount Everest, Nepali officials say. The avalanche struck around 06:45 local time (01:00 GMT) in an area known as the "popcorn field", just above Everest base camp at 5,800m (19,000ft). A spokesman for Nepal's tourism ministry told the BBC some missing climbers had been... Read more

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Nepal air crash relatives call for risk warning for tourists

Relatives of seven Britons killed in an air crash in Nepal have called for tourists to be warned about "the risks involved" in flying there. All 19 people on board died when a plane, belonging to Nepal's SITA Air, crashed shortly after taking off from Kathmandu in September 2012. An inquest at Warrington Coroner's Court passed a verdict of accide... Read more

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Nepalese New Year Celebration in Reading UK

Nepalese living in Reading in the United Kingdom celebrated New Year 2071 Bikram Sambat (BS) at Warehouse Cumberland Road amidst the enthralling music, song, dance, recitation of poem and exchanging best wishes for good health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year. Bikram Sambat was started in 57 BC during the time of renowned Hindu king of Ind... Read more

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आशफोर्डबासी नेपालीले भव्यरुपमा नयाँ वर्ष मनाए

सगरमाथा गोर्खा नेपाली समाज आशफोर्ड केन्टले एक भव्य सांस्कृतिक एवं मनोरन्जनात्मक कार्यक्रमको आयोजनागरी नयाँ वर्ष २०७१ मनाउनुका साथै सोअवसरमा एकआपसमा शुभकामना आदान–प्रदान गर्दै २०७० साललाई बिदाई गरेको छ । आशफोर्डबासी नेपालीहरुको बाक्लो उपस्थिति रहेको उक्त कार्यक्रम गत १२ अप्रिल २०१४ शनिवारको दिन स्थानीय द नर्थ स्कुलको हलमा भव्यताको साथ सम्पन्न भएको ह... Read more

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